Pupils are assessed at regular intervals throughout their time at Fir Ends. 

Non-statutory assessment:

Most regular assessment is non-statutory and informs teacher's planning for teaching and learning. It is also used to discuss progress, strengths and areas of development with parents and to inform the year-end report. 

  • In EYFS, assessment is ongoing and based primarily on observations; this assessment informs teaching and judgements on progression toward the Early Learning Goals. 
  • From year 1 to year 6, pupils sit 2-3 tests from the NFER suite each year. These provide an age-standardised assessment of pupils' confidence within the core curriculum subjects.
  • Writing is regularly assessed by teachers to inform next steps for each pupil. 
  • Non core subjects are assessed through teacher assessment, quizzes and other methods as appropriate. 

Statutory assessments

Pupils also take part in statutory national assessments at regular intervals as they progress through school. 

  • EYFS Baseline and end of Reception profile
  • Year 1 Phonics Check (+Year 2 resits if not passed)
  • Year 2 National Teacher Assessment and Tests (Reading, Writing, Mathematics)
  • Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check
  • Year 6 National assessments (Reading, Mathematics, SPaG) and teacher assessment (Writing)

Results of statutory assessments prior to Year 6 will be included in reports to parents.

Year 6 data is published nationally and is summarised here: .

Data for 2022-23 represented the first 'post-covid' cohort with published results. This was a cohort of 13, with each child representing approx. 8% of the cohort for data purposes.