Fir Ends School was last inspected on 6th March 2019. The findings of this inspection were that this is a GOOD school. The inspection outcome is available below, or directly from our school's Ofsted page. 

National assessment data in Key Styge 2 was last measured in the 2022-23 academic year, following the pandemic.

The cohort was 13 pupils, each child representing approx. 8% in data terms

Percentages of pupils meeting the expected standards in:

  • Maths: 85% (11 of 13 pupils)
  • Reading: 77% (10 of 13 pupils)
  • SpaG: 70% (9 of 13 pupils)
  • Writing: 47% (6 of 13 pupils)
  • Reading, Writing and Maths combined: 47% (6 pupils)

For detailed analysis of the school's latest published test results, follow the link below:

School Data Dashboard - Fir Ends (DfE site), including KS2 performance data


Further links:

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