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Alongside the general music curriculum, within which pupils will learn to play glockenspiel (KS1) and recorder (KS2) we offer pupils the opportunity to receive professional tuition to learn a specific instrument during school hours. 

Not only does this provide them with a skill for life, it also teaches them to persevere and offers opportunities to perform in front of an audience. There is even some research evidence that suggests it can help with general brain development and improve mathematics as the same areas of the brain that deal with pattern recognition and counting are utilised when reading and performing music. On top of all that. they might become the next Ed Sheeran and pay off your mortgage...


Mr Draper visits the school each week to lead the KS2 choir and 'recorder orchestra' lessons, as well as teaching discrete keyboard and guitar lessons. 


Keyboard and Guitar – Mr Draper – Thursday mornings 

Mr Ben Draper works with a number of schools and individuals in the local area and is a familiar face for pupils when they reach William Howard. Recently he has taught a number of very talented pianists at Fir Ends, many of whom have successfully gone on to graded exams.

 Weekly sessions with Mr Draper cost £8.50* (for 2023-24)  and this is paid direct to him, on a half-termly basis.

We have a number of keyboards for lessons in school, although having one at home is obviously quite useful for practice!

Reasonably cheap guitars can be recommended for purchase, or hired through the Cumbria Music Service.

Instrument purchase or hire

The school can purchase an instrument VAT free on your behalf for lessons or you can hire one from the Cumbria Music Service. The initial rental is £30* for a 3-month trial. Full information on their hire rates can be found at:

Forms to advise us that you would like your child to receive music tuition can be downloaded below. Alternatively, if your printer is on the fritz, give the office a call and we can send a pre-printed form home for you to return.


*Prices correct at date of last page update. Please contact the office/Mr Draper to check if these have changed

** Lessons missed due to absence will be provided as a double lesson at a later date. If your child misses a lesson because they forget to bring their instrument on the day you will still be charged. 

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Last update: 2023-07-06