Our school uniform specification was updated for September 2019.

In the main school, it is a bottle green upper (polo shirt and sweatshirt) paired with black trousers or a pleated skirt. Shoes should be black and appropriate for 'active wear' - this is particularly important when choosing girls' shoes, which are frequently inappropriate for running in. 

Tights and socks should be black, white or dark grey.

For nursery pupils, the upper is a golden yellow polo shirt and a bright green sweater.

Summer adjustments are listed and can be worn from Easter to the mid-October half-term.

The full specification is detailed below. 


Embroidered items can be purchased online from Border Embroideries, using the links to the left. These items should inform the purchase of similar items from alternative suppliers.

Non-embroidered items in the appropriate colour and style can be widely purchased from supermarkets and high-street chains. 

Scroll to page 2 for a pictorial guide to our uniform specification!

Last update: 2021-08-24


You can purchase embroidered items in the uniform specification from Border Embroideries, using the links below