At Fir-Ends we are committed to offering extended provision wherever possible, to ensure that our parent community is able to access employment opportunities that may otherwise be unavailable. 

We operate in a rural area, where transport takes time. This often means that a 'normal' school day does not allow parents to work 'normal' hours. 

Similarly, we are aware that many of our families work on busy farms, or care for relatives and having the option of an extra hour or so of child-free time during the week can be very useful to them.

To assist with this, we have developed a system of wraparound care that provides an opportunity for parents to drop children off at 8:00 and collect them up to 18:00, to fit around working patterns.

All wraparound care can be included within Free Entitlement hours for parents of Nursery Pupils. 

NOTE: Due to Covid restrictions during the pandemic we have had to make alterations to some aspects of wraparound provision. These are noted in red


Our Breakfast Club runs from 8:00 to 8:45 each morning (Covid: 8:00-8:30) and is operated by one of our Teaching Assistants, Mrs Thompson.

Greeted with a smile, pupils can share a relaxed breakfast of toast, cereal and fruit juices before playing boardgames, tackling art activities or simply having a quiet natter about last night's TV or a favourite book.

We are very flexible with bookings - at present you can just turn up*, although we do appreciate it if you can let us know in advance, especially if you're dropping off 4 or 5 year-olds!

*Note: we do have a limit of 6 Nursery pupils. If you would like to use Breakfast Club for a nursery child, please advise us beforehand so we can check there is a place. 


Using a base cost of £4 per hour, we charge for breakfast club within three time bands:

  • Arrive before 8:15  = £3
  • Arrive between 8:15 and 8:30 = £2
  • Arrive after 8:30 = £1 (no breakfast) (Covid: now coincides with start of classroom supervision)

From 8:45, pupils join other arrivals in the school yard.  Covid: children go straight to classrooms from 8:30

Any Nursery pupils present go to the EYFS classroom at 8:30, where they are supervised by the classroom staff.



After-School Club is open to all pupils and typically runs from the end of the school day at 15:25 until 18:00. (COVID: we currently end at 17:30 due to staffing constraints)

Children end the school day with a drink and light snack, before taking part in sporting or craft activities, under the supervision of Mrs Forster and other AFS Club staff.

Like breakfast club, we are able to accommodate up to 6 nursery aged pupils within our after-school club (this will be charged at the same rate as nursery care during the school day, although Free Entitlement Funding hours can be applied).

Pricing is based on a session rate, as detailed below. Where there are siblings attending, the second and subsequent children are charged at the sibling rate, representing a 10% discount:

Collect between 15:30-16:00 16:01-16:30 16:31-17:00 17:01-17:30 17:31-18:00
TOTAL COST £1.50 £3.00 £4.50 £6.50 £8.50
SIBLING RATE £1.35 £2.70 £4.05 £5.85 £7.65

COVID: To maintain bubble integrity, we currently run two clubs - one for Infants and one for Juniors. As this means we cannot meet staffing ratios for nursery pupils in a cost-effective way, we are unable to offer wraparound care for nursery.  Times have been adjusted to 15:30 - 17:30 due to changes in the school day to accommodate staggered finish times for each class. 

Sports activities are being reintroduced from June 2021 for KS2 pupils - see newsletters or contact the office for further information. 


15:25 to 16:30 - The 'Running Late' slots

Sometimes, parents just need a little extra time at the end of the day. If you're stuck in traffic, or stayed for one more coffee and are running late as a result, your child can be cared for until 16:00 for just £1.50, or to 16:30 for £3.00.


15:25 - 17:00 'The Sporting Session'

Most evenings, we arrange for an external sports coach to be in attendance in addition to the craft activities on offer. This enables pupils to choose whether they want to take part in an active session or the craft activity.

Where possible, we try to offer a 'different' sporting activity, since traditional sports are well catered for locally and tend to be perceived as gender specific.

Children receive a fruit snack  and a drink  whilst the other pupils leave the site, before getting changed into PE kits if they're taking part in the sports activity. If they don't want to be sporty, that's fine too - there are craft activities and DVD's - or they can even do a bit of reading or catch up on their homework!

The Sporting Session costs £4.50 in total


15:25 to 18:00 'The Working Late Sessions'

After the sporting activity is over, remaining pupils enjoy a light meal and are able to spend the remainder of the session largely as they choose before they are collected.

This session provides parents who have  9-5 working hours the opportunity to leave work in a relaxed way too.

Staying to 17:30 costs £6.50

For pupils staying beyond 17:30 and being collected by 18:00, the total cost is £8.50

LATE COLLECTION CHARGE: If children have not been collected by 18:00, staff costs will increase and there may be an additional charge of £5 per child applied. 


Booking for the AFS Club is easy: pupils simply say they're staying during morning register.

As with Breakfast Club, we have a limit of 6 Nursery pupils, and places for children in Nursery must be booked in advance. 



Hours of attendance will be billed to ParentPay at the end of a week (typically the following Monday). 

Payment should be made promptly through the ParentPay system.