School Policy Documents

Below you can view key policies, set by the governing body and followed within the school. These are updated regularly, either as part of a rolling programme, or to reflect latest guidance from relevant bodies.

The Governing Body of Fir Ends School aims to adopt the latest version of a number of Local Authority Model Policies. Where any of these policies need to be enacted, the latest version will be verified. Where an update has taken place  within the review timeframe of a given policy, the newer version will be ratified at the earliest opportunity and will be implemented. 

The school also subscribes to policy advice and updates from Kym Allan Health and Safety Consultants and adopts model policies as updates are made to these. Model policies sourced from here include the Child Protection, Behaviour and Accessibility policies. 

Other model policies are also sourced directly from the Local Authority (e.g complaints policy) or from other sources. 

Where a model policy is not available, it is written specifically for the school, reflecting its unique features. 

This page is updated periodically and a newer version of policies listed here may be in use. The list below is not exhaustive, but represents the statutory policies all schools are required to maintain. 



Parent Information Pack (2019)