Last update: 2023-12-11

School Policy Documents

Below you can view key policies, set by the governing body and followed within the school. These are updated regularly, either as part of a rolling programme, or to reflect latest guidance from relevant bodies.

The Governing Body of Fir Ends School aims to adopt the latest version of a number of Local Authority Model Policies. Where any of these policies need to be enacted, the latest version will be verified. Where an update has taken place  within the review timeframe of a given policy, the newer version will be ratified at the earliest opportunity and will be implemented. 

The school also subscribes to policy advice and updates from Kym Allan Health and Safety Consultants and adopts model policies as updates are made to these, making contextual changes as appropriate. Policies sourced from here include the Child Protection and Equality& Accessibility policies. 

Other model policies are also sourced directly from the Local Authority (e.g staff disciplinary) or from other sources. 

Where a model policy is not available or relevant to our context, it is written specifically for the school, reflecting its unique features. 

This page is updated periodically and a newer version of policies listed here may be in use.

The list below is not exhaustive, but represents the statutory policies all schools are required to maintain. 



Parent Information Pack


We are in the process of moving our policy library from the old system of hyperlinks to the new policy module within School Jotter. Those already moved can be found below as document links. Policies that have not yet been moved into this system are hyperlinked at the bottom of the page.  


Attendance guidance to schools and local authorities was updated in September 2022 and the DfE has advised that this will become statutory once parliamentary processes have been completed relating to aspects that require legal frameworks to be updated. Whilst mindful of the content of this in how we manage attendance in school during the 2023/24 academic year, the Local Authority has not yet published an updated attendance/enforcement policy which we will need to refer to in our own policy and procedures. (last reviewed 6/9/2023)

During 2022/23 we participated in the DfE Behaviour Hub programme. This has informed the development of the behaviour policy in place for 2023-24.

OLDER POLICY LISTING - due to be removed as the new system is populated


Attendance - see above

Behaviour - see above

Safeguarding (see above)

Child Protection - our CP Policy, including child-on-child abuse policies, is updated annually and as and when required by changes to statutory/non-statutory guidance.  A copy of the current policy is available on request. 

Complaints - moved - see also complaints page

Curriculum: Our school follows the National Curriculum for England. Further details can be found on the curriculum page