LA Policies

Whilst not an exhaustive list, the following policies are drawn from LA provided models and the latest version of these will be reviewed whenever any needs to be enacted. They will be ratified and adopted at the earliest opportunity if changes have occurred sine the last policy review.


  • Teacher's Pay Policy
  • Capability Policy - School Support Staff
  • Capability Procedure for School Based Teachers and Centrally Employed Teachers
  • Time Off Work for School Based Staff Policy
  • Staff Grievance Procedure
  • Schools VR Policy
  • Managing change and Redundancy policy
  • Complaints Policy and associated Guidance for Schools
  • ICT Acceptable Use - Guidance for school based staff
  • School Equality Scheme
  • School Absence Enforcement (alongside the school's own Attendance Policy)
  • CCC DEbt Recovery Policy
  • Model CCTV Policy (External)
  • School Swimming Policy
  • Model Policy for Supporting Children with Medical Conditions 

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