The Parent, Teachers and Friends of Fir Ends society is a registered charity, run by hard-working individuals in order to raise funds for the school, so that the children benefit from new equipment, learning tools and educational and fun days out.

Providing access to these additional resources means that we can help the school to offer our children a full and enhanced school experience to run alongside their school curriculum. 

The charity has exciting and fun activities planned each year, as well as an ongoing fund raiser for the Air Ambulance collection, which currently stands at around £40,000 raised for the charity and also sends funds into the PTFFE accounts.  

All monies raised by the PTFFE go towards benefiting 'our children'. 

Every child from Nursery to Year 6 benefits from the financial help from the PTFFE.

For the past few years we have been able to treat the whole school to an annual trip to the Pantomime at the Theatre Royal in Newcastle.

The PTFFE also arranged for Easter Bunnies to visit the school before Easter...

Fun, social and productive meetings are held each term.

Details of meeting dates are included in the school newsletter and all parents of children in the school are welcome to attend.

Lets create a great future!